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All About God Ever-expanding list of apologetic and discipleship materias online

Bible Info information about the Bible

Bibles @ Ethnic Harvest

Bibles – printed and audio in many languages

Bible Links ONLINE BIBLES in Chinese, French, Hindi, Japanese, Persian/Farsi, Korean, Spanish, Other languages

Bible on-linewww.WebBible.netOn-line Bible in 37 different languages includingtools for understanding the Bible. The Bible Gateway excellent page for searching from various modern English Translations (NIV,NASB,NLT,NKJV) and European and Asian languages.

Bible Study Helps Unbound Bible (Biola University) is a collection of searchable Bibles consisting of:    – 10 English versions including the NASB    – Greek and Hebrew Versions (the original Bible languages)    – 4 ancient versions    – 42 versions in other languages Bible Tools     Easton’s Bible Dictionary                 Paul’s Missionary Journey     Matthew Henry’s Commentary        Read the Bible in a Year             Naves Topical Bible                        Parallel View Search     Greek & Hebrew Lexicon                               Greek Lexical Bible Study Tools study resource page, Bible Commentaries, Concordances, Bible Dictionaries & Encyclopedias,Interlinear Bible, Parallel Bible and MORE!Excellent page for searching from various modern English Translations- (TEV, NRSV, NASB, NLT, NKJV).

Every Tongue

God’s Story – excellent – playable or downloadable in a zillion languages

God’s Story: From Creation to Eternity presenting a summary of the Bible using original art and excellent narration.  Audio available in many different languages


Real Audio and Internet Media – great for listening exercises

The Hope Video

Dramatic overview of the ‘greatest story ever told’

Jesus Institute

Helping people of all cultural and spiritual backgrounds learn about the person of Jesus.Study guides designed for 2 min, 10 min, 30 min, and 60 min Studies, answers to common questions.Chinese version of the same

Questions Answers
Who is Jesus in many languages


Faithbased stories to listen to online in English