Content-Based Websites


CNN news story:  It’s splitsville for Barbie and Ken. Couple ‘will remain friends,’
says Mattel

Story of the invention of Barbie


Citizenship News

Links to resources and organizations related to citizenship issues and current developments in citizenship/civics education.


CNN Newsroom for ESL N/CNN-N.html

Real reports aired on CNN formatted as cloze exercises that can be done on line and will be graded for immediate feedback.  Intermediate to advanced level.


Colorful Clothesline

Clothing, colors, and color patterns.  Tests and vocabulary practice.  Includes a quiz to test what was learned. Beginning level.


Community Corner

[English version] Sp.htm

[Spanish version]

Bilingual site with links and information to community, education and employment-related resources for low income, ethnically diverse populations.  Each section of the site has a related featured interview.


Dr. Seuss

Requires  Flash 4 plugin ; games based on Dr. Seuss’s books, extensive biographical information

Easter around the World


Food Pyramids pyramids from different countries/cultures. Check link Comparison of International Food Guide Pictorial Representations for visuals of food charts from around the world. pyramids from many cultures. Uses the American pyramid and simply substitutes foods from the particular culture into the American format. The previous site shows different pyramids based on the eating behaviors of the particular culture. For instance, the Asian pyramid shows meat only monthly, reflecting the “traditional plant-based rural diets of Asia.”


First Find Info

Website offered by many libraries to search for information on just about anything.


Holiday Celebrations

Holiday Celebrations, calendars, crafts & Recipes, music, graphics, historical information, suggested activities, kids pages, links, and other…



Includes American slang expressions, proverbs, grammar, common mistakes, song lyrics and other topics.
Key Newspaper Online

Online newspaper; intermediate to beginner.




Murphy’s Law

The history and true story of Murphy law; Many links and related laws.
U.S. Citizenship Study Pages

Preparation for the U.S. citizenship test.  Free for residents of Minnesota; small charge for others.
The White House

Official web site for the White House and President George W. Bush, Features a virtual historical tour, history of American presidents and their families, links to a kids website