Useful Websites for ESL/EFL Students

English Club – Grammar

English Club’s grammar segment has explanations of grammar terms and parts of speech and gives students an opportunity to test themselves and ask questions at the help desk.

English Grammar Online

A simple to navigate site containing exercises and clarifications of a variety of grammar topics.

ESL Gold

This site offers resources for all levels and includes clear explanations of grammar terms and usage, links to other sites and learner strategies.

Grammar Quizzes

This site contains many more resources than the name implies.  Learners are provided with clear explanations, lots of sample sentences, clarification on common mistakes as well as quizzes.

Grammar for Learners of English

A clearly designed site that presents not only quizzes and explanations, but also allows viewers an interactive section on analysis of authentic student errors.

Grammar Topics

An easily maneuvered website offering simple explanations and many examples on awide range of grammar topics.

Dave’s ESL Café

A helpful site with good explanations, examples, and lots of ideas for a variety of techniques.

An easy to use interface with comprehensive grammar coverage.

English Grammar Online 4U‐‐up/grammar

Provides complete grammar explanations and examples for various levels of difficulty.

Grammar Bytes

Defines terms, provides exercises, handouts, presentations and videos to assist teachers, and has a rules section for quick reference.

Grammar Girl

Good and thorough explanations to some frequently asked questions. Box with top five grammar tips.

Grammar Slammer

Provides lists of grammar topic that link to thorough explanations. The site is graphically lacking.

Online Writing Lab (OWL)

This site provides a list of topics that link to comprehensive instructions on various areas of writing.‐‐grammar-‐‐worksheets.html

This site offers plenty of good grammar practice worksheets, as well as some links to other good grammar sites.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-‐‐Champaign

Easy list of contents linking to parts of speech, phrases, clauses, sentence and sentence elements, and common usage problems, which contain a wide variety of grammar topics with explanations and examples.

Useful websites for ESL/EFL students

Fun with Randomly-‐‐Generated Sentences

This website allows students to select various categories and then generate random sentences that follow that structure, helping students to see sentence patterns.

Provides an easy to use index linking to grammar rules and examples for quick reference.

Judy Vorfeld’s Webgrammar

An index of links to other helpful grammar websites for students.

Live mocha

This blog offers opportunities for students to participate in video dialogues, role-‐‐plays, and practice vocabulary, speaking, reading and writing.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English

An easy to use online version of the Longman dictionary of contemporary English.Pearson

Offers learning hints and tips, online quizzes, immediate feedback, automatic grading, and grammar tutorvideos.


Provides interactive English language exam practice for FCE , CAE , PET , KET , IELTS , TOEFL®PBT , TOEFLiBT™ and TOEIC® tests.Self-‐‐Study Grammar Quizzes

Students can test their knowledge of grammar through general quizzes or quizzes on specific areas of grammar. Quizzes provide immediate scoring and feedback. University of Northern Iowa

Offers answers to frequently asked questions, as well as links to other helpful grammar sites, games and a list of other options.

University of Ottawa: Hyper Grammar

This site is geared toward more advanced learners, with comprehensive explanations and examples using higher cognitive meta language.