Facebook Activity

Activity aim: to develop skills for interacting critically with peers

Activity procedure: Students in class will need Facebook so they will be pre-warned in order to have it ready for class. A few private groups will be used to create dialogues between the students. A sample of a good discussion on a hot potato topic will be displayed and paper copies given for students to analyse. Students need to identify key features of healthy disagreement including: hedging, discourse features, passive language, and expressing an opinion. Feedback will allow for at least a few of these to be written up on the whiteboard for reference.

Next students should login to Facebook and click into their assigned group. Seating is not an issue since there doesn’t need to be any oral communication. They should respond to an agree/disagree question at the beginning of the thread. Each reponse needs to take into account the initial question while also responding to the previous post with a relevant paragraph. All responses should be around 100 words. After these discussions have concluded, the teacher (who can view all these discussion groups) will evaluate the discussions at a later point in time and give feedback.