The Warmth of Friendship

It was not often they had a chance to converse beyond day-to-day life since their children were usually in the picture (nine in total!). But as the journey inched on they talked about a whole range of things, including what the Church is, the role of faith in their upbringings, and the persecution the French friend had suffered for being part of a misunderstood minority.

Upon finally arriving at their destination, the two friends walked into a little church building tucked neatly away between rows of terraced student housing. Twinkle lights hung loosely from the ceiling and the smell of fragrant pine filled the air….. Ladies bustled about with hot chocolate in hand, having a chinwag here and there and getting ready for the main event. Soon everyone sat down to begin the process of constructing their wintery wreaths—a little fir here, some berries there. The two friends continued to chat as they designed their masterpieces, and afterwards the native French speaker happened to find herself in conversation with a lady from the church who also spoke French, much to both of their delight!

The car journey home was swifter than the way there, but just as evident how curious the friends were to find out about the different worlds from which they came. The French friend confessed she knew little about Christianity, and she wanted to find out more through her English friend.

Do you remember the French-Moroccan friend I mentioned in the last letter, whose house we ate crepes at whist sharing about what Abraham’s sacrifice means to us? She is the French lady in this story! A credit to her courage, she was the only lady wearing a hijab at our church’s wreath making event, and it’s very likely she’s never been in a room full of Christians before.

Whilst she’s not yet in the position of sitting down with an open Bible in her own language wanting to me to explain the ins and outs of Christianity, she has an openness that I’ve yet to encounter in most of my friends here in Small Heath. And yet I’m aware our friendship is just beginning, and it’s so easy for friendships like these to get snuffed out by busyness.

Please pray that the Lord would gently lead our friendship and give me the wisdom to share what needs to be shared at the right time. Also, she has asked me to organise a homeschool trip to a church for her family and Muslim friends. Please pray for this to come together and for it be a great witness for Christ!