The video function on a phone can be used for many teaching resources. One that would be useful in a lesson following directions would be to record a regular journey you as a driver take. Put the phone in a holder on the dashboard or front window and press record. You can either have Google maps or a standard GPS giving directions which the video will hopefully pick up. Alternatively you can give the directions yourself: “Turn left. Go straight on. Take the second exit at the roundabout.”

Playing the video in class can be done in several steps and can include a print out map of the route:

  • Give students a map with a point for where directions begin and another point where they end. They must try and put together a set of directions.
  • Next students watch the video without sound and try to predict / give the directions as the video plays. Use pause to give a bit of thinking time.
  • Finally play with the sound. Students can check against their own written directions and then against the map.