Infoquest is a website that allows students to develop various research and reading skills on topics of general interest to teenagers. It is produced by Cambridge to go with their EAL series of course books called Messages and provides students with a useful source of independent activities to do in a computer lab. Some of the components of this website are:

  • A teacher’s page with guides and downloadable worksheets
  • Various web pages of the site where answers to the worksheets can be found
  • Quizzes and group tasks
  • Discussion topics
  • A dictionary with all the key vocabulary

Students from a beginner level up to intermediate can benefit from the activities. My students needed help initially to navigate the website, but before long they could work quite independently. An example of one good activity is that students have to find three cities, tourist destinations, national animals, famous people, and so on, by visiting the mini-websites about the UK, the USA, and Australia.